Amateur Radio Club at Indiana University

Welcome to the Amateur Radio Club at Indiana University- K9IU, Bloomington, Indiana

K9IU's mission is to support the Amateur Radio Community through mentoring, fellowship, and activites.

K9IU is a part of the local Amateur Radio communitiy with a focus on the campus of Indiana University; but all Radio Amateurs, and prospective Radio Amateurs are welcome to join!

This is the new K9IU website and is under active development. Check back often for updates. (Last update 9/23/20)

K9IU maintains the following repeaters in the Bloomington Area:

Club Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the last Sunday of the Month.


The Club Shack occupancy is limited to two (2) persons at any given time.
As both stations are not furhter away than the CDC-recommended 6-feet separation all operators are required to wear approprate PPE (e.g.: masks) if both stations are in use. All operators and visitors to the Shack are expected to follow the Indiana University COVID-19 guidelines.

Until further notice the Club meetings will be held either via Zoom, or at an appropriate/compliant location. Information about each meeting will be sent out to the Clubs email lists.

For more information, if you have any questions, please contact us Here.

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